Changer - Wallpaper Manager Pro 1.7.2 (Unlocked)

Changer - Wallpaper Manager Pro v1.7.2 (Unlocked) | 6,1 MB
Requirements: Android 4.0+

With Changer you can have a dynamic wallpaper on your Android device, without having a negative impact on its battery life or performance. You can select your images and photos, which will be set as wallpaper according to your personal preferences. In fact Changer changes wallpaper according to the current weather, location, time or Wi-Fi or with random or sequential images, all at the user's choice.

The app allows you to create an infinite number of profiles:
- Weather: the wallpaper is chosen according to the weather of your location or a default place;
- Location: the app chose the wallpaper using your location;
- Time: the wallpaper is set according to predefined time ranges or selected days;
- Wi-Fi: to set the wallpaper you can select one or more Wi-Fi networks or all or any network;
- Random: simply wallpapers are set randomly;
- Sequence: the wallpapers are selected according to a user-defined order;
- Advanced: You can combine weather, location, time and Wi-Fi.

What's New:
- Add multiple entry for all "more options" profiles.
- Add multiple selection for folder profile.
- Fixed bug with profile folder\'s sorting.

 Changer - Wallpaper Manager Pro 1.7.2 (Unlocked)